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Find a few scenic  day-trip trails nearby...or go the distance on Korea's Long Distance  Trails!

Did you know that South Korea has over 2000km of dedicated bike paths!?!

The most famous of these bike-packing trails is the 600km "Seoul to Busan" trail.


If you are interested in this trail, portions of it, or just need inspiration to get out and ride - check out the attached videos!


Adding the Bicycle Layer to Your Navigation Ap Waze or Naver

(author prefers Naver):


1. Tap the layers icon (two stacked squares)

2. Select the bike icon (picture of a bike, or labeled 자전거)

3. Now red lines will overlay ont the map. These are Korea's cross-country bicycle paths.

4. Zoom in and find new trails near you!



Stamp Book / Cycling Passport

Many of the Korean Bike Paths are part of the Korean Cycling Project, a series of long distance paths with Stamp Stations along the path. You can purchase a "stampbook"/"bike passport" at almost any Korean cycling shop for $5. 

Fun goal to work towards along the different bike paths. Look for the red phone booths! Turn your stamps in and earn a medal!

Seoul Cycle Trail Information


Bike Certification Information


Day Trips:

Nearby Trails:

1. Humphreys Bike Path - The Closest Bike Path (away from roads, etc) to Pyeongtaek is the Camp Humphreys Bike Path (see above tips on how to add the bike layer on your navigation ap). It is also the least scenic.

   - Feel like getting an extra 20 miles in? You can bicyle from Songtan, along the roads until you get to this trail (narrow shoulders, use caution!).

2. Ghost Trains of Yeoju Bike Path - The Author's personal favorite. Looking for a fun bike path for yourself and/or the family? This 10-30mi section of trails is one of the pretties and most interesting rides for a day trip option. You can do as little or as much riding as you want on this path. The path winds along where the Han river ends on the East side of Seoul. It takes cyclists on a dedicated bike path through numerous old train tunnels which are now solely for bicycles and pedestrians! Many of them are lit up with colorful lights. Additionally, there are many coffee shops, bike shops, and restaurants along the path catering to cyclists!

Check out this website for more detailed information: Cycling the Ghost Trains of Yeoju


3. Chuncheon Bike Path - Beautiful Path leading from the Han River up into the Chuncheon river valley. In the fall, the strawberry fields are overflowing, and you can stop for a fresh strawberry smoothie at one of the many farm vendor's tents.







Bike Rentals: Don't have your own bike? Many places rent bicycles along Seoul's popular bike paths.

Or, if you are U.S. military with base access, Outdoor Recreation rents bicycles.


   POV: Most Flexible Method

   City Bus: Relatively quick and easy method to get directly to the trail you intend to ride. Put your bike in the luggage space underneath the bus, and off you go!

   Metro: Bikes are ONLY ALLOWED on the Metro Saturday or Sunday. Tip! Bring a rubber band to hold one of your handlebar brakes closed when riding the metro (prevents it from rolling).

   Train: Bike are NOT ALLOWED on the KTX or SRT. If you wish to tranport them this way, they must be packaged up in a luggage carrier.

Seoul Metro's Green Line to Chuncheon is the one exception, which allows bikes on the Metro ANY day of the week. The first and last train cars even have spots for your bicycle. 

Day Trips
cycle vids

Long Distance Cycling Paths:

What an amazing way to SEE South Korea!

For anyone with a few days to bikepack on some of Korea's longer trains, the author highly recommends it! Take a few weekends or some vacation time to cycle across Korea!






Take time with some locals to chat (mostly smile and point), and enjoy some Soju and homemade Kimchi pancake!

Check out the above videos and find out more at the following website:


*Tip: Korea does have a rainy season. On longer trips, check the weather, bring a raincoat, and ensure to water-proof your gear. Multiple small waterproof bags was the author's go-to way to ensure clothes, electronics, and the all-important stamp book stayed dry!

Long Dist Paths
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