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Pyeongtak Kite Zone Club:

Location: Pyeongtaekho Kite Zone Club 경기 평택시 현덕면 권관리 315-1

Owner: +82-105-718-6503

English Speaking Instructors:

"Hans" (Han Soo)

   Cell: +82 104-312-0124


Review: 5 stars! Great Instructor, speaks fluent English. Provides great group rate/discounts.

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Kite IP

Popular Locations:

 - Dangjin Park is a favorite for locals, who will travel from Seoul down to Pyeongtaek to kite. Shallow waters, consistent winds, and a protected area make this location ideal for beginners and advanced riders alike! It is also only a 45-50 minute drive for expats in the Pyeongtaek area.  (See above image for launch location/beach).

 - Jeju has many places around the island which are suitable for kiting. I have witnessed most kiters on the East Coast of Jeju, in the bays and beaches near "sunrise peak". 

- Jinha Beach near Busan is a favorite for many kiters in the Fall, when winds are predominantly out of the East. 

Other Popular Beaches: The author of this post has not been to the below beaches, however, reports from local Korean kiters and other Expats is that the below beaches are good for beginner to intermediate kiters.

  -- Pohang (East Coast, north of Busan and Jinha)

  -- Dadepo Beach (South-East of Busan)

Reliable Wind Website. Here in Korea, "Windguru" is a favorite for wind updates and checking the forecast. Use "GFS 13", the second row forecast.


Experienced Kiters:

If you have been kiting before, and have your own gear, South Korea is your oyster! Hopefully you brought your light-wind kites, as most days in Korea you will be using a 12 to 17m Kite. 


New Kiters:

Interested in gliding over the water, jumping 13.6 feet in the air, all under the power of the wind!? Take some lessons and get going! (Notice: Kiteboarding is like Skydiving or Scuba Diving. It can be dangerous if attempted without proper instruction from certified instructors).


The author of this post (me), learned to kiteboard in South Korea in 2020. Seoul, wakeboarding, and ski resorts were off-limits due to Covid restrictions, and I was still interested in getting outside and doing some sort of extreme board sport! No prior kitesurfing experience. I did have a little prior wakeboarding experience (not required, but it does make the learning curve a little easier). Caution: you might get hooked! Kiteboarding is challenging, awesome, and insanely fun!


How to Get Started:

- For those living in Seoul or Pyeongtak, contact the Pyeongtaek Kite Zone School, or their English-Speaking instructor, "Hans" (cell: +82 10-4312-0124). 

- What to expect for lessons: Talk with your instructor for details, but for kite lessons anywhere in the world, expect requiring 2-3 days of lesson, 3-4 hours per day of instruction. Like scuba diving or skydiving, there are important safety procedures and hands-on skills to learn before being ready to kite on your own. Lesson packages can range from $150-$360 per day, per person. Price will depend on your instructor, length of the lessons, and if they are private or group lessons, etc.

- Gear Rental: Be advised, gear rental only accompanies lessons. If you want to continue kiting after your first few lessons, you will need to either purchase your own gear or continue to take lessons so you can use the Kite School's gear. (You can either buy online and have it shipped, or Hans/the Pyeongtaek Kite School have some connections with the Ozone Kite Shop located in Seoul, and can help you buy some new gear here in Korea). 


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