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Located only 36 minutes south of Pyeongtaek (no joke)! This cable park is the closest wakeboarding option, and the best "bang for your buck", especially if you are going as a group. Prices may vary, but at approximately 60,000 won for 4 hours (including gear), you will usually run out of forearm strength (sts) before you run out of hours on the clock.

Similar to cable parks in the USA, the cable park is located on a small lake with a circular pulley system which can pull 4-6 wakeboarders or skiers at the same time. You launch from the start ramp, and ski or wakeboard until you are tired, or until you fall. If you fall, just take off your board, swim to the side, walk back, and repeat! Recommend bringing your own picnic lunch (and beverages) to enjoy between runs. There are several wooden decks and picnic tables available for family or friends who just want to spectate.

How to get there: The cable park is located on the East side of Cheonan. Type "Munan Reservoir" into Naver (you can also try "lottery museum" - the cable park is half a km to the west of the Museum.




DREAM WAVE WATER LEISURE  (phone: 010-9111-8760)

Located East of Seoul on the Bukhangang River, this location has a dock along the river. They offer tubing, wakeboarding, wake-surfing and waterskiing. Prices may vary, but standard pricing is 15 minutes of surfing or wakeboarding for roughly 70,000 won per person (including gear). It is a little pricey, but the place has very nice and they use new, top-of-the-line boats. (Similar pricing exists at several places along the Han river in Seoul, but the boats are usually of significantly lower quality).  

The dock is spacious with seating for friends and family. Additionally, there are several cafes within a stone's throw of the dock.

Bonus! This place has an indoor surfing gym on site! (Infinite wave-type setup. We did not get the chance to try it, but it looks like a fun year-round activity if the weather is chilly, or you don't feel like getting out behind an actual boat). 

How to get there: Type "Dream Wave Water Leisure" into Naver. As of 2021, this is the only place with that name in South Korea. Their dock and boats are located on the North bank of the Bukhangang river. 

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