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There are 2 main MTB Parks for Downhill MTB in South Korea. For chairlifts, go to YongPyong near Alpensia Ski Resort. For Bongo Rides (Korean small truck) to the top of the mountain, there is Gochang (located just South of Kunsan).

For trail rides, there are many different trails out there. Unfortunately both in Korean and English websites, it is hard to find "good" trails which are a good balance of flow, steep, not too many pedestrians, etc.

Most of the trails outside of the MTB parks were introduced to us by local Koreans. However, even they admit that it is not well advertised online. The below information is intended to help expats find some of these locations a little faster and easier than we did.

YongPyong MTB Park

Gochang MTB Park


Who: Ages 12+

What: Downhill MTB

(Ride Chairlift Up, Ride Green/Blue/Black Diamond Trails Down)

Where: Yongpyong Ski Resort (North-Eastern Korea)

When: March - Oct

Price: $40 to rent a MTB for the day, $40 for a lift ticket, $5 for helmet or knee pads

FB page:


- Rental Gear Available

- Chairlift up!

- Owners speak enough English to easily communicate

- Restaurants/nice resort town for location

- Hiking/other activities in vicinity for family and kids


- Trails not as varied/plentiful as ski resorts in the United States


Who: Ages 12+

What: Downhill MTB

(Rented Bongo Ride Up, Ride Green/Blue/Black Diamond Trails Down)

Where: Gochang Bike Park (South of Kunsan)

When: March - Oct

Price: $50 per person to hire a Bongo/Driver for the day. Assumes a full car (So sharing with 3-4 other friends).

Trailforks Info / Location 


- More challenging terrain and varied trails

- Close to Kunsan buddies

- Option to pedal up to top if do not desire Bongo rental.


- Must have YOUR OWN BIKE

- Not as many English speakers

- Challenging to coordinate with Bongo driver if you do not speak Korean

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Trail Rides

Trail Riding Locally

- Need your own bike, but there are lots of places nearby to get out and pedal! Below are some rides within an hour or two of Pyeongtaek, starting with the closest first:

1. Buraksan (near Songtan City Hall)

    Opinion: Okay for something within 25 minutes of home. Lots of walkers/hikers.

2. Chilbosan Mtn (West of Suwon)

    Opinion: Awesome 2-3 trails within 36 minutes of home! Only 3 main downhill trails. Very good workout on the uphill.

3. "Unnamed" Trail near Hanam (SouthEast Seoul)

    Opinion: Fantastic single tracks on the way downhill. Easy to stray off the path if its your first time.

4. Janggunsan Mtn (1.5 hours South of Pyeongtaek)

    Opinion: Very fun and flowy. Not very steep or technical. Easy trails.

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