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Rock Climb

Korea has some great outdoor sport climbing routes not too far from Osan and Kunsan.


We've listed three of our top climbing areas below. However, you can check out more routes and up-to-date info at


***Previous expats have told us their are some great climbing areas in Seoul, and  North of Seoul. Due to Covid, we were unable to explore them. 


For these outdoor places, you or someone in your group will need your own shoes, harness, and rope. Someone in your group should know how to lead climb.


Note: Most Koreans are very friendly, so on harder routes than you are able to lead climb - they might let you pull your rope through (attach it to theirs) once they are done with a route. 



Jobisan Mountain is only a 45-50 minute drive from Osan, and has over 20 bolted routes from beginner to expert level. A standard 60m rope is plenty of length for 90% of the routes here.

Bonus! It is also a nice camping location! Want to get two days of climbing in? Pack a tent and sleeping bag and spend the night on the mountain! (Fires are not allowed, but propane cook stoves and jet boils work great.)

Getting There: Type "Jobisan Garden" into Naver. It is a restaurant next to "Deogeun Tractional Pond" and is the parking lot which most people use to get to Jobisan.

From the Parking lot, it is about a 3/4 mile uphill hike to the climbing area. Take the rail-road tie stairs up to a Korean cemetery. Along the right side of the cemetery (facing the mountain top), a trail continues upward. At your first 4-way intersection in the trail, take a left. You will continue up the hill, past an abandoned building. At the next 3-way intersection, take the 90 degree turn uphill to the right. You will arrive at the main climbing area, complete with a cave, benches, and a Korean par course.

The beginner routes are a ways to the right and left of the cave - so don't feel intimidated by the routes directly above the cave. Our favorite routes for beginner to intermediate climbers are to the right of the cave, approximately 69 meters further along. Try to find the route named "Fantasy Boy" - a 5.10a route. Not required, but we encourage you to continue the tradition of climbing it shirtless for your first ascent, and taking a shot once you've reached the bottom. OFAF!

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Shark Rock is a nice day trip if you find yourself down in Busan for the weekend. Right along the water with some beautiful colors of rock.

Getting There: Type "Amnam Park" into Naver maps. Park in the large parking lot, located to the north of the Songdo Marine Cable Car (Songdo Sky Park). Find walking path that proceeds southwest along the water. 

Keep left past the metal railing, until just after the wooden suspension bridge. Just before a green fiberglass shed (right) and some picnic tables (left), a green staircase heads down. At the base, it's a bit of a zig-zag scramble up the rock's edge to the right of the stairs. Head into the wood as the ridge road tapers off, and descend a giant slab. scramble up the detached rock and climb down the knotted ropes.



Bagaji Rock is an 1.5 hour drive from Pyeongtaek or Gunsan, and has over a dozen bolted routes. Compared to Jobisan (above), the routes here are slightly more difficult.

Getting There: Type "Bagi Rock" into Naver. We parked at the Gyeryongsan Auto Camp Site (shown on Naver), and hiked approximately a half mile to the climbing area.

From the back of the fenced off camp ground, near the water tank, head up the trail along the ridges spine a few hundred metres and then you will find this sign/ fork (below). Straight ahead for Bagaji Bawi, or right to "OB" Hwangjok slab area.

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